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The sad truth is the vast majority of dating site reviews websites are operated by webmasters who are really just out for themselves!

However, OnlineDatingSite.Reviews seeks to establish itself as the destination for online dating site reviews that are well researched and written with integrity based on universally applied standards. We hope to raise the bar when it comes to consumer information about online dating sites.

Dating site reviews are about GENUINE PEOPLE who want nothing more than REAL PERSONAL CONNECTIONS.

Isn’t that something we should all value and cherish? We think so!

Whatever type of relationship people are seeking we believe that the business of online dating is something that deserves higher standards.

…And this is why we invest our time, energies, and resources to cover all the most frequently visited dating sites from all angles with a more transparent and detailed approach to gathering information; as well as a better delivery system to engage our audience!

More detailed dating site reviews via videos!

People enjoy watching videos! This is why you will find our emphasis is on mobile and being that place for people who are on the go; a fast and easy destination to learn more about online dating sites. Our responsive design and detailed review videos are just that; a fast and easy way to compare dating sites.

Jason Lee, Editor of one of the leading dating site reviews sites; DatingWebsiteReview.net is the resident expert on online dating sites. On occasion we also feature videos from other top online dating bloggers, Matchmakers, and Online Dating Industry professionals.

About Jason Lee: Jason Lee was the first to create a dating site reviews site that focused on delivery of dating site reviews via informational videos. His massive collection of dating site reviews videos on YouTube are all now featured here and also shared on other platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Veoh, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and Break.

The Dating Site Comparisons Video Community!

OnlineDatingSite.Reviews is an open community serving the entire online dating industry; from consumers to dating site CEO’s, everyone is welcome.

The goal at OnlineDatingSite.Reviews is to share not just valuable information about dating sites but collect and distribute genuine experiences and constructive thoughts about the whole world of online dating.


Both consumers and online dating site operators can join OnlineDatingSite.Reviews and use it as a place to host and share videos about dating sites. Everyone who shares the common goal of improving experiences on online dating sites is welcome.

We only host videos that have something to do with online dating and dating apps and we do not allow nudity of any kind. We also have minimal quality standards for video production. Videos can be no longer than 10 minutes and must be of reasonable production value in order to be approved.

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